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Take advantage of current technologies

Microsoft has shortened the release cycle for new versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. A new major release is available every year. This development is funded by your yearly paid update fee (business ready enhancement plan). You only gain all the benefits of a state-of-the art ERP System, if you upgrade your system continuously. The industry solution dynamic crossover is developed further continuously. A new release of dynamic crossover will be available shortly after each major release of MS Dynamics NAV.

Our update methodology

According to an initial implementation of Microsoft Dynamics NAV we use Microsoft Sure Step as a project toolbox. The methods provided by Microsoft Sure Step may be more powerful than it is required for your specific update project. To ensure a safe and slim project procedure, we apply the method of Reverse Tailoring.

If you setup an update project with us, the first decision is about the project procedure. For example we find out together with you:

  • if there are processes you want to be redesigned in your new MS Dynamics NAV
  • if there are processes important for your company whose business logics have changed significantly in the new version of MS Dynamics NAV
  • if your system is highly customized
  • if you are skipping multiple major releases of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

If the answer to these questions is “no”, we recommend a particularly slim and low-cost update procedure. For this we do not need workshops for defining requirements, but our experienced developers transfer– if necessary with your consultation– the modifications from your current system into the new version of MS Dynamics NAV.

For data migration we use routines provided by Microsoft, which we have extended by routines for our industry module dynamic crossover. In addition we adjust them for your special needs.

After the first upgrade we deliver the newest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV with your migrated data and your customizations as a training and testing system. In an agile procedure your key users, your IT department and our consultants will refine the new system, until it has reached the degree to go live.

If the answer to the above questions is “yes”, we will define together, how the required processes will be represented in the new MS Dynamics NAV. Afterwards the defined steps are carried out as described above.

If you're interested feel free to contact one of our experts who will be happy to assist you !

Dynamic crossover

Dynamic Crossover information graphic