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Software Reengineering

Analysis, modernization and restructuring in the JEE environment

  • Are complex application environments holding you back?
  • Is the maintenance of mature systems becoming ever more complicated?
  • Are new functions now almost impossible?
  • We will make your software expandable and fit for the future again!

In many businesses there are applications and systems, the smooth operation of which is essential to success. Not infrequently such systems contain a company's assembled knowledge or map its core working processes. A valuable legacy asset, therefore.

Often such systems have also grown constantly over the years and become ever more complex in the process. In many cases, due to economic considerations, quick extensions to functionality may also have had to be built in, without being able to give any time to architecture modifications preserving long-term value.

A system's success can thus also become a straitjacket: new extensions are hardly possible any more, as the system's mature complexity either makes them very expensive or the risk of harming existing functions in the process has become to great. Only in the most rare of cases is development of a completely new system an option.

Software re-engineering gives you back the freedom to expand your systems. We analyze, evaluate and restructure your applications and show you how architectures can be improved. We will perform architecture adaptations and system modifications for you, give you confidence through in-depth testing and open up new possibilities for integration.

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Wolfgang Finke

Wolfgang Finke
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