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SAP® Single-Sign-On

Use our SAST Concierge Par for a simple single-sign-on implementation

Every day, IT users have to repeatedly log on to various SAP® systems and remember different passwords. They often write down the passwords or save them in a file, which is a considerable security risk. Valuable time is wasted logging into SAP® systems. The number of SAP® systems and the associated password changes and management of these passwords result in less security.

Users want a simple logon process and one-time password entry. However, the attempt to establish a single-sign-on sulution often fails because of the different standards of the IT solutions.

With its open approach, our SAP® single-sign-on solution SAST Concierge Pad offers a simple SSO realization in complex SAP® landscapes.

A single-sign-on solution with our SAST Concierge can be easily integrated with Active Directory and Kerberos and offers a rapid return on investment. Thanks to the HTML-based technology, it is possible to integrate SAST Concierge in all existing SAP® J2EE- systems very quickly. In a similar way to SAP® Logon Pad, SAST Concierge Pad offers users a list of SAP® systems for selection in the form of a web page. All entries can be centrally configured. Software distribution or intervention in the clients is not necessary. Via SAST Concierge Pad, the user is authenticated once when he or she logs on to Windows and starts the application.

Technical prerequisites

Our SAP® single-sign-on solution requires an SAP® NetWeaver JAVA system with Release 7.00 or higher as the basis. All connected SAP® systems must be set to logon procedure "SAP® Logon Ticket". The relevant certificates must be installed for this. The SAP® users must be available via a uniform user in all systems.

Information material

Our SAP® single-sign-on flyer provides you with further information about single sign-on for complex SAP® system landscapes.


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