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SAP® Patch Management

Use our Security Patch Advisory Service to cover your Security Vulnerabilities

SAP® Security Patch Day - high number of patches makes an overview difficult

In September 2010, SAP® AG introduced a monthly 'Security Patch Day' for its customers in order to be able to close any existing security loopholes. How relevant an SAP® security patch is for your systems depends on which SAP products and software releases you have and on which operating system and database you are using. Furthermore, the system landscape and business processes you have implemented need to be taken into account. Within the first six months of its introduction alone, around 800 OSS Notes were published.

We take care of your SAP® security patch management

One day after every SAP® Security Patch Day, akquinet sends its customers an email newsletter with an evaluation of the most important SAP® Security Patches. The focus is on security gaps which might be likely to occur or bring about high potential damages for a majority of SAP® users. Depending on the extent of your SAP® patch management, you can gladly take advantage of further services from our '4-Phase Model' in order to protect your data in a constantly secure way.

The AKQUINET SAP® Security Patch Advisory Service offers you the following services to relieve the burden on your own SAP® patch management:

  • A check of your SAP® system landscape and infrastructure
  • Definition of categories of required protection
  • Ascertainment of SAP® security patches already implemented
  • Creation of an initial patch plan
  • Supply of a report on the up-to-date daily analysis
  • SAP® patch management with a monthly analysis of the latest SAP® security patches
  • Advice on the creation of a patch plan
  • with ongoing use of our SAP® Vulnerability Scanner
  • Option: the SAP® security patches are integrated remotely by our experts.

More information

Please check our SAP® Patch Management flyer to get further information!

Many companies rely on the SAP® security tool SAST - please ask for further information and our references!


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