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SAST GRC Suite - Perfect protection for your SAP®

The security of SAP® systems remains a hot topic

Too often SAP® audits reveal vulnerabilities in systems and risks are unfortunately still seriously underestimated. We want your systems and your valuable data are protected from attackers.

Especially for the security of your data we have developed the SAST* GRC Suite for SAP®!

*(System Audit and Security Toolkit)


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Our SAST modules


SAST AdminTrack - Secure emergency user procedure ...more

SAST SystemTrack - Completely protected SAP® systems ...more

SAST AT HCM DisplayTrack - The logging of read access to SAP® HCM data ...more

SAST UserTrack - Authorization analysis in real time ...more

SAST Security Radar - 360° real-time monitoring of your SAP® systems (SIEM) ...more

SAST Mobile Protect - 360° mobile real-time monitoring of your SAP® systems (SIEM) ...more

SAST Role Optimizer - Automatic generation of SAP® roles ...more

SAST Download Observer - Protection against theft of data from SAP® systems ...more

SAST User Access Management - Audit-proof management of users, roles and rights ...more

SAST Interface Analyzer - Analysis and safeguarding of SAP® system interfaces ....more

SAST Management Cockpit - The integrated solution for risk analysis and control ...more

SAST RiskTrack - Monitoring of risks and mitigating controls ...more

Intranet Password Reset - Self-service for simple password resets ...more

SAST - Our security solution for your SAP® systems!

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