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SAP® Security Tool

SAST GRC Suite for SAP®

The security of SAP® systems remains a hot topic

Too often SAP® audits reveal vulnerabilities in systems and risks are unfortunately still seriously underestimated. We want your systems and your valuable data are protected from attackers.

Especially for the security of your data we have developed the SAST* GRC Suite for SAP®!

*(System Audit and Security Toolkit)


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Our SAST modules for safe SAP® systems


The modules of SAST GRC Suite for SAP®

AdminTrack - Managing emergency user IDs

Monitor privileged users, such as emergency users, and their accesses in your SAP® system without gaps.

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SystemTrack - Controlling and monitoring the complete system configuration

Analyze and optimize the security of your SAP® system automatically and in real time.

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UserTrack - Cross-client and cross-system authorization check

Receive qualified assessments from one workstation and get to know critical authorizations in real time as soon as a role is defined.

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RiskTrack - Management of risks and mitigating checks

Manage identified risks centrally and assign them to the responsible user departments. With a simple mouse-click indentified risks can be transfered directly from the analyses to the risk memory for further processing.

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User Access Management - User and authorization workflow

Map customized workflows for the requesting and approving of users and authorizations in your SAP® system.

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Download Observer - Complete contentual recording of SAP® download content

Protect your sensitive data from theft and ensure your safety. All downloads from SAP® are monitored and logged transparently in a way that ensures that the information can be used as evidence.

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Role Optimizer - Automatic generation of SAP® roles

Analyze and manage existing roles with regard to T-code use and perform mass role creation and change. We provide 640 conflict-free roles for SAP® ERP.

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SAST AT HCM DisplayTrack - Complete logging of read accesses

Recieve significant protocols, which logs gapless the read access by privileged users to sensitive data in your SAP® HCM system. In this way you can control the security of your sensitive data.

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Management Cockpit - Integrated solution for risk analysis and control

Visualize identified analysis results quickly and easily and have your security risks therefore always in view.

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Intranet Password Reset - Self-service for simple password resets

Deliver the password management directly to the user and eliminate long and time-consuming inquiry processes under involving the Help Desk.

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Security Radar - Realtime check of SAP® systems

Monitor your SAP® systems in real-time to close potential security gaps in time and prevent an attack to your sensitive data.

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SAST Mobile Protect - Mobile real-time monitoring of SAP systems

Get alert immediately on your smartphone and inform about critical incidents.

With the SAST Mobile Protect App

SAST Interface Analyzer - Analysis and safeguarding of SAP® system interfaces

Check inbound and outbound connections and relationships and get a graphical, cross-system overview of interfaces.

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SAST - Our security solution for your SAP® systems!

Events 2016

14.01.2016 akquinet Security Stammtisch in Dortmund
17.02.2016 DSAG Technologietage in Hamburg (Vortrag von Ralf Kempf)
14.03. - 18.03.2016 CeBIT in Hannover
20. - 22.09.2016 DSAG Jahreskongress in Nürnberg
The lectures are held in German

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Customers about the SAST GRC Suite


"...We looked for a fitting add-on solution that would satisfy all of our requirements, could be easily operated, and could be quickly implemented. Therefore both the solution scope and modular layout of SAST are ideal for us. ..."

Maria Mayer-Schefe (Baerlocher)

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"With the modular principle, we will continue to benefit from far lower costs and sound documentation in the future. Instead of ironing out individual problems in role management, we set up our authorization structures on a completely new basis using the SAST GRC Suite from akquinet. As a result, we save time and money in the long term, and we also have legal certainty."

Stefan Lendzian (NORDWEST Handel AG)

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Let´s take the next step together - SAST protects valuable SAP® corporate data in significantly more than 2,000 installations globally. Trust in the SAST security solutions and akquinet´s consulting expertise - ask for our references!

SAST Release 4.0 ready for SAP® HANA!

The akquinet, as one of the first providers, has passed the certification. Starting on the SAST Release 4.0, we deliver with the attribute "Ready for SAP® HANA".

IT Security Made in Germany

Quality indicator for more trustworthiness and information security

As a German company, we guarantee that development and data protection are also subject to German criteria and therefore meet the highest requirements. We fulfill specific criteria to be able to display this quality indicator, which is protected under copyright. For further information please click here .

SAST Security Radar scores top marks in the IT innovation prize of 2015

The new SAST solution convinces and receives the BEST OF 2015 award

Initiative Mittelstand awards the IT innovation prize to companies with innovative IT solutions and a high usage value for small and midsize enterprises. akquinet also appeared under the critical eyes of the jury and was rewarded. Of all the applications received, our security solution was particularly convincing, and we are therefore in the leading group this year.

The SAST Security Radar module from the SAST GRC Suite reports security issues in all SAP systems and on all levels in real time. Thanks to integration with the IBM QRadar Security Intelligence solution, companies receive a complete view of their IT security landscape.

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SAP® GRC Consulting

Acquired by many years of experience in the area of SAP® Security and Compliance we have optimal possibilities to help customers around the world make their SAP® systems even more secure.

Go to SAP® GRC Consulting or ask our contact persons for more information!


You would like to have more information about the SAST GRC Suite or one of the modules? Please get in contact with our colleagues or use the contact form .

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