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SAP® Security Concepts

Protecting sensitive data in SAP® systems

Make data theft impossible

The number of data scandals has risen dramatically, the risk of unrestricted access to customer data is and will remain a controversial subject. Business partner, customer and personal data is processed in various modules and processes within an SAP® system and is stored in numerous tables. As a result, the possibility of this data being accessed and misused exists. To avoid these vulnerabilities, we support you to implement an SAP security concept for your entirely system.

Our SAP® security concepts recommend the implementation of these protective measures in four steps

Step 1: Protection of system base and basic authorizations

  • Analysis of protection configuration
  • Analysis of authorizations to objects requiring protection
  • Estimate of and possibly subsequent reduction in means of access

Step 2: Creation of a data catalog

  • Creation of a catalog of all sensitive data (relevant customer data, personnel data, etc.)
  • Cataloging of data by type and protection requirement
  • Assignment of a protection requirement class

Step 3: Restriction of access rights in SAP®

  • Drafting and introduction of authorization concepts for the assignment of access rights to sensitive data
  • Significant reduction in users with access authorization

Step 4: Logging or prevention of data access/download

  • Logging and control of data access and download with the help of the SAST Download Observer and SAST AT HCM DisplayTracks
  • Scan of all relevant SAP® downloads with regard to critical data
  • Breaches of compliance guidelines are reported to the relevant parties

At the end of our four steps comprehensive SAP® security concept, a secure and monitorable access concept for sensitive data has been implemented and the danger of data misuse reduced.

Benefits of our SAP® security consulting package

  • Transparency across all technical access options
  • No unknown data leakage
  • Secure access concept for sensitive data
  • Basis for work for internal data protection officers in the case of requests for information in accordance with BDSG (German federal data protection act)

For furter information please have a look at our product information about the protection of sensitive data in SAP systems against unauthorized access and forwarding.

Advantages of our SAP® security consulting package

  • Tailored concept for protecting sensitive data
  • Number and severity of security gaps is clearly reduced
  • Defense against break-in attempts
  • Concept for protecting systems and data is rounded out
  • Ongoing system monitoring by our SAST GRC Suite


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