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SAP® Authorization Concepts

Consulting support in the area of "SAP® Authorization Concepts"

With new SAP® Authorization concepts we design a simple authorization assignment for you.

Because of the large number of SAP® authorization roles and users, the assignment of the SAP®-users is becoming more and more difficult. In addition, the content of the SAP®-roles has changed over time, and it is no longer always clear which is the right role for a particular user.

Furthermore, increasingly stringent guidelines (internal and external) make it necessary to assign possible authorizations taking account of the following factors:

  • Critical SAP®-authorizations
  • Segregation-of-duty conflicts
  • Traceable, system-supported assignment of authorizations

The creation of new SAP® authorization concepts and the adaptation of existing ones to new requirements is, because of the variety of transactions and authorization objects, extremely complex and time-consuming .

We have many years of experience in the creation and checking of SAP® authorization roles. You can also benefit from our experts' knowledge in the SAP® security environment.

Our SAP® Compliance experts support you in the following areas:

  • Management of SAP® authorization projects, including in an international environment
  • Methodical knowledge in the area of SAP® authorization design and realization
  • Creation of naming concepts for SAP® authorizations and users
  • Creation of security guidelines and authorization concepts as well as testing frameworks for SAP®
  • Central User Administration (CUA) and Identity Management on various IDM platforms
  • Technical and legal framework conditions in the SAP® environment (SOX, Cobit, Coso, DSAG test guidelines, BDSG etc.)
  • Knowledge of relevant audit tools and methods (SAST, SUIM, SAP® GRC)
  • Knowledge of planning and executing SAP system measurement with and without License Admin Workbench

Your advantages of our "SAP® Security and Authorizations" Consulting
  • Comprehensive documentation thanks to concept templates
  • Extensive evaluation options in the authorization environment
  • Automated derivation during role creation

Your benefits of our "SAP® Authorization Concept" Consulting

  • Time advantage thanks to our experts' experience
  • Comprehensive and certified rule set reduces risks
  • Comprehensive analysis options
  • Conflict-free template roles tried and tested in practice ensure project success
  • Lower operating costs as a result of higher transparency
  • Integration of data managers in decision-making and approval process
  • Acceleration of throughput time for user and role requests


Numerous companies trust in our SAST security solutions Please ask for more references.You will find further information in our product information about the Consulting support in the area of SAP authorization concepts


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