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A simple and efficient billing system for every kind of canteen

SAMS-ON is an ordering and billing system for midday meals in all organisations that provide a canteen. Be it schools, universities, businesses or child day-care facilities, SAMS-ON can be used everywhere. The system enables users to order set meals at any time from home or on the move.

The solution is simple and efficient: Online access to the order interface enables lunches to be selected with just a few clicks. On top of this comes the fact that payment is 100% cashless. Through barcode scanning at the canteen counter, users thus receive their pre-ordered meal quickly and without any problems.

Who benefits from SAMS-ON?

Schools and school administrations

SAMS-ON is a solution from which school admin departments, pupils and their parents all benefit.

The workload for the school administrators is greatly reduced. Once introduced, the ordering and billing system runs fully automatically. The pupils order their meals, the catering company supplies the quantities ordered and canteen staff are then able to issue pupils with their lunch at the counter. Through scanning their passes, SAMS-ON documents which pupils have already received their meals and shows how many are still to come into the canteen to eat.

  • No collecting of luncheon vouchers
  • No collecting of cash
  • Any subsidies are digitally stored and applied by the system
  • Clearly laid-out reports

Parents and pupils are able to order meals for specific days via the online access - and, if necessary, to cancel orders again as well. The parents thus stay in control and can keep an eye on what their children are eating at school. If desired, it is possible for kiosk items to be made available on a cashless basis via the pupil's pass as well.

  • No cash required
  • Any subsidies get applied (visible only in the online system)
  • Quick ordering and cancellation
  • SAMS-ON code can be integrated into pupils' passes

You can obtain further information on the SAMS-ON website.

Businesses and staff

SAMS-ON is a convenient, affordable solution and is well-suited to small company canteens as well.

Employees get registered and are then able to view the week's set meals and order their lunches via the online access. Additionally, it is possible to order lunches for groups, e.g. for groups of visitors.

If desired, employees can pay for their meals 'on credit', with the cost being deducted straight from their wages at the end of the month.

  • Suited to companies with multiple sites
  • Individual discounts can be applied
  • No cash required any more
  • Ordering and cancelling quickly possible online

You can obtain further information on the SAMS-ON website.

Catering companies

With SAMS-ON the catering administration function of multiple systems can be networked together. That creates one central system where all orders are merged. This enables clear, uncomplicated analysis of all canteens being supplied. Catering companies are able to schedule the meal plans with ease and can, for example, take a look at the numbers ordered at any time.

The SAMS-ON method is both an attractive and affordable.

  • One central system for all orders
  • No supply shortfalls
  • Ingredients information visible to all right from the point of ordering

You can obtain further information on the SAMS-ON website.

Universities, child day-care centres and many other organisations

Universities, child day-care facilities and many other organisations also naturally benefit from the convenient, affordable SAMS-ON solution.

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Customer benefits in overview

  • Fast online registration, plus online access from anywhere
  • Liberated from cash
  • Uncluttered order interface
  • Multilingual system
  • Important messages immediately sent by e-mail

Admin department benefits in overview

  • One central system for all orders
  • Workload greatly reduced
  • Can be usefully implemented even for smaller quantities
  • Clearly laid-out reports