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SAP Authorization Management

"Safe Go Live" for safe SAP® authorization projects

Optimized SAP® authorization roles can be created easily with our SAST RoleOptimizer and the functions it contains for use analysis and role generation of your SAP® systems.

During the creation of a functional SAP® authorization management concept and roles, not all data is always available. As a result, during extensive test cycles, no 100% authorization coverage can be guaranteed with regards to the new roles for user activity and different usages of the users.

As a result, during the "Go Live" phase of the new SAP® roles, authorization errors may occur in the production system and compund your SAP® authorization management. They must be cleaned up by assigning the old roles to a user and then subsequently analyzing the error situation. Due to these circumstances, there may be interruptions in production and acceptance problems for SAP® users, and these should be avoided.

Safe SAP® authorization projects with our additional module

The "Safe Go Live" additional module allows you to define Go Live groups and assign the appropriate users to them. As a result, a Go Live either by department or a complete one is supported for new authorization roles.

The assignment of new SAP® roles to users can take place via specifications from superiors or via evaluation of historically used transactions. Usually, the historically used transactions are displayed for a user, and the authorization administrator can assign appropriate new roles to the user ID in the authorization "Go Live" management. In the process, the transactions that a user can perform with the assigned roles is constantly displayed transparently.

Functions of our module for a safe go live of SAP® authorization projects

Automated creation of test users

Automated creation of test users

New SAP® authorization roles must be tested by experienced users to ensure that they function correctly before the Go Live. Planning and creating test users with appropriate role sets for each work center is time consuming. SAST RoleOptimizer can generate test users for each work center/composite role or single role set at the touch of a button. As a result, the quality of the test phase is increased, and the preparation time is decreased by 80%.

Test monitoring

During the test phase of a SAP® authorization project, the usage and activity of all test users can be monitored online. As a result, it is possible to recognize the test coverage and possible authorization errors easily and at all times. Additionally, recognized authorization problems in your SAP®-system can be reproduced safely by other testers.

Creating fallback users

When you enter the Go Live phase of your SAP® authorization project, a fallback user is created for all users to be converted, and it has all authorizations at the time of the Go Live. Because reference users are concerned at this point, no one can log on to the system with the old rights. The fallback user function ensures that, in case of error, the old SAP® authorizations can be assigned immediately to all users or individual users.

Benefits of our "Safe Go Live" module for a secure authorization management

  • Saves up to 80% time during authorization conversion
  • Manual adjustments to user master records and the assigned roles are dispensed with completely
  • Reduced project runtime
  • Reduced project costs
  • Reduced workload for the customer's employees
  • Optimal support for step-by-step or complete authorization conversion (big bang)


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