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Java EE in cloud

Technology for "Software as a Service" (SaaS)

Many hosting service providers now offer highly virtualized data processing environment as 'clouds', which by virtue of their flexibility are particularly suited to the operation of SaaS products, but which offer commercial benefits in other situations as well (e.g. flexible and fast upscaling).

Making their own applications cloud-compatible is therefore strategically advantageous for many companies. Uncertainty, however, sometimes exists in respect of feared manufacturer dependency ("How do I get free again?") and security reservations ("Where actually is my data now?"). It is therefore important to pick the right programming model for your own business application. Java EE offers in this respect a flexible, future-proof model.

We will help you with the structuring of the cloud environment appropriate to each situation (private cloud, hybrid cloud, public cloud), make your applications fit for the cloud and take care of security.

Your benefits

  • Suitable development for cloud application
  • Flexible and scalable operating environment
  • Payment of computing resources on demand
  • Provider independence, migration and security


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