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Production / Fitting

Control of manufacturing with production BOMs, routings, withdrawals and work plans

Your single- or multilevel production information is entered into production BOMs and routings, both are connected to your item master data. With date-dependent versions you keep your master data up-to-date and have access to the history. Your production planning is represented with planned, firm planned, released and finished production orders. MPS and MRP create a production plan based on direct sales demands and indirect component demands with parameters for replacement procedures, lot sizes, safety-, minimum and maximum stocks. This production plan can be subsequently taken into production orders and terminated by the production control. The consumption of items and posting of time leads to actual cost in your production order which can be seen in work-in-progress. The finished goods are transferred to the stock or used in the project stock.

Flexibility in manufacturing by synchronized BOMs and routings

An essential requirement in the make-to-order production is it to respond rapidly to changes of the construction department and if necessary interfere in the already started manufacturing process. In the make-to-order-production the current BOM is copied into the project plan. Together with the individual routings your project plan is like a complex multi-level production order. Job-related developments and BOM changes (new items, more component demands or additional operations) are carried out in the project plan. The result will be synchronized to the production module. An easy-to-use change management enables you to synchronize the drawing import, the production BOM/routing and the job-related copy of the BOM.

Contract manufacturing in the project without production orders and capacity planning

If you assemble your finished goods (mostly one- or two-level BOMs) directly in the project plan, you can consume the components and post the times of your mechanics in only one view. You can do make-to-order assemblies as well as assemblies based upon your master data.

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Dynamic crossover

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