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Planning and Controlling

Project card

Commercial and logistic data of your customer like sales address, billing address, delivery addresses and construction zone are entered in the project card. You define the involved resources like project leader, project manager and project team members. Subcontractors can be defined as external project members. International projects can be handled in local and in foreign currency. Currency hedges and payment plans with prepayments and final invoices as well as various work-in-progress methods complete the commercial settings. The project time management supports you at monitoring critical data such as contract dates, production periods, purchase dates and warranty periods.

Project tasks

At first you structure the project to organizational or commercial phases. In these phases you always keep track of budgets, costs and revenues.

Project planning lines

Each phase is developed individually in the project plan. The project plan lets you represent structures from simple cost collections up to complex production Bill of Materials. For cost and sales price calculation you can use different methods from top-down to bottom-up. For value information you can work with quote-, budget-, prognosis-, cost- and sales values. The project analysis shows you the relation of these values as a pre-, ongoing- and post-calculation. The project plan is your cockpit to generate requirements for stock, manufacturing and procurement.

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Dynamic crossover

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