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Mobile User Experience

Your bespoke route to an intuitive, mobile solution - We accompany you all the way!

Let's imagine you work in blockage clearance at your city's waterworks department and are responsible for the pipe network lines. So that your employees can work effectively and efficiently applications are needed that enable them to communicate and document emergency deployments quickly and to give an overview of deployments in the immediate vicinity. The benefits of such applications further increase if at the same time it is possible to shut off the network quickly in the event of water causing any damage.

Our solution:

A mobile application supports your staff by means of a map view of the deployment location, enriched with specialist information, e.g. about field personnel on site, network shut-offs in the area or damage to the pipe network line. It also enables the local section to be immediately shut off, as it provides the field personnel with a list of pipeline sections and lets them shut or open them. Using the mobile application, your field personnel are able to take action and carry out repairs faster.

How do you get to that stage?

There are as many mobile solutions as there are clients and challenges. Our objective in each case is to find the solution with the right, individually tailored fit. We find out more about the precise context in which the application will be used, by accompanying the users, e.g. in this case the blockage clearance engineers, throughout a day's work. From thousands of different kinds of device we select the ones that best fit this context and the client requirements: small or large, higher or lower in cost, robust or chic, iOS, Android, Windows, Web, etc. In this case, for instance, an Android-based toughpad.

We devise a concept for an intuitive interface that suits the selected device and the context in which it will be used.

Appropriate client-server architecture based on JBoss enterprise middleware integrates your systems (here, for example, GIS and SAP) in the back-end and takes account of special mobile features, such as modest bandwidths, connection drop-outs and availability of a mobile data connection. We develop the complete package of servers and clients, whether it be apps, mobile Web applications or hybrids. During operation we provide support through MDM solutions and hosting services offered at our data centres.


Wolfgang Finke

Wolfgang Finke
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