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Identity Management

We offer product-independent identity management (IdM) consultancy using a framework aimed at the structured introduction of an IdM system. We also provide support in selecting an appropriate product for the client, basing our assistance here on looking at the current situation and performing a SWOT analysis.

Our areas of emphasis in the context of identity and access management:

  • Product-independent IdM consultancy based on more than 30 successfully completed identity management projects.
  • In-depth expertise in DELL, IBM, SAP® and Novell products.
  • Frameworks for structured successful introduction of an identity management system.
  • Assistance in selecting an identity management system based on SWOT analyses.
  • Support with modelling business roles
  • Implementation of compliance requirements using an IdM system

The benefits for you:

  • Establishment of business roles taking into account the separation of duties.
  • Cross-system, automated application and approval processes.
  • Establishment of processes on joining, leaving, moving and other life cycle topics (parental leave, emergency leave, etc.).
  • User self-service
  • Integration into existing system landscapes

More benefits:

  • Rule-compliant award of user rights
  • Complete reporting: "Who has what rights on which system and who approved it?"
  • The award of critical user rights checked
We maintain partnerships with leading providers of identity management systems, e.g.: IBM, SAP® and DELL
Christian  Höfner

Christian Höfner
Phone: +49 40 88173-1731