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LS NAV Hospitality

LS Nav Hospitality

Your Hospitality software for greater efficiency

Whether you are a pizzeria, cafe, ice-cream parlor, or restaurant, if you are going to be successful, you must provide your guests with an excellent service and ensure they come back. Seasonal offers and changing trends pose particular challenges for the hospitality industry.

Especially when it comes to perishable goods, it is important to have access to reliable consumption data from your Hospitality software when you make purchases. This enables you to find the ideal, streamline your business, optimize your orders and cut your waste to the minimum.


Simplifies and improves service

Forget a notepad and pen: With the wireless, mobile ordering and POS solution, much of your staff's work is quicker, leaving them more time for attentive service. This is particularly true if they have to cover greater distances, for example, in a beer garden. LS Hospitality - perfect restaurant management from POS to purchasing


Reduce avoidable losses

In the food service industry, the payment transaction is of great significance. It's good if you always know exactly what was ordered at each table to avoid unnecessary losses, not to mention arguments.

Why LS Hospitality?

  • Restuarant and table management
  • Table status control (keyword: table free, served, change)
  • Permanent and changing offers
  • Simply entry of recipes
  • Fast and uncomplicated response to customer requests (keyword: Split Bill)
  • and much more

Complete service

Our flexible food service industry solutions are perfect for restaurants of different styles and sizes, from small cafes or full-service restaurants to fast, casual restaurants or large fast-food chains.



Dirk Luhmann

Dirk Luhmann
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