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Financial Accounting

Integration of the entire supply chain

MS Dynamics NAV has a fully integrated general ledger and ensures the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

  • Sub-ledger for receivables and payables
  • Incoming and outgoing payments of customers and suppliers
  • Sub-ledger for the different evaluation methods of inventory accounting
  • Automatically determined changes in inventory value by warehouse increases and decreases
  • Project related advanced payments and final invoices
  • Sub-ledger for fixed assets with automatically calculated depreciations

The cash flow of your business is always up to date and reliable. Existing data in the system such as receivables, payables, project orders, sales orders, purchase orders, neutral revenues and expenses and financial budget are taken into account.


The integrated ERP System MS Dynamics NAV creates maximum transparency in all business processes by navigating in just a few steps from the result to the origin of a transaction.

You early recognize positive as well as negative financial developments and execute well-grounded decisions.

Changes are documented in a configurable change log. You are able to restore the original state after unwanted or inadvertent changes of your master data.


If your enterprise is a group of several companies, MS Dynamics NAV offers different ways to scale. The application can be installed for multiple companies in one database, over multi tenants in different databases to a stand-alone system for each company. Postings to impersonal accounts as well as purchase- and sales documents can be exchanged by the intercompany functionality. The consolidation module can be used to merge the postings of the different companies and eliminates intercompany revenues and –costs.


The user is supported by numerous functions for recurring transactions and activities. The efficiency and quality in data processing is increasing, multiple data entries belong to the past.


Manage your customers and suppliers in different currencies. If necessary, you can use an internal currency for an additional reporting.


Role-based access protects your sensitive corporate data on record-level.

Analysis and reporting

By using freely definable analysis and reporting tools, you always have access to up-to-date data in your financial accounting. You see your balance sheet, profit and loss statement, business assessment, sum- and subsidiary balance and much more based on freely definable criteria such as cost center, cost unit, division and sales region. Compare the values on your impersonal accounts to specified budgets and calculate the variances to your goals.

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