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Business Intelligence for everyone

Which insights are hidden within your data?

The BI-Dashboards created in QlikView or Qlik Sense are purposeful applications which are focused on the user. Forget fixed analysis paths and old, static reports for which you have to wait a long time. Combine your different data sources with Qlik and get direct answers to your questions.

  • Extremely fast analysis of data
  • Data discovery in all directions
  • Provision of your data in any location and any device
  • A base to build on
  • Flexible rules for regulated data

Pooling competence

As an experienced Qlik partner we can implement QlikView or Qlik Sense into any existing ERP-System. This gives you the opportunity to analyse the relationships between cause & effect, to extract information from large amounts of data and to use this information as a competitive advantage.

By reducing data complexity and enhancing your data management you can make your company more transparent and ensure that you are making the right decisions.

BI Team

Our team consists of employees that live for continuous training and have various areas of expertise. Furthermore we have access to additional qualified Akquinet employees with different IT competencies such as e.g. SAP or CMS/ERP systems. This enables us to span across different branches and assemble the right project team in order to provide the best service possible to our customers. In addition our employees are trained and certified according to "International Project Management Association (IPMA)" - standards which enables them to perform project management tasks. Get to know us and let us show you.


Unlike some other companies, we will not leave your side after finishing a project but rather offer our support if any project related tasks require our assistance.


In order to provide all required services to our customers we have added highly effective and efficient training courses that empower our customers to maximize their results when using Qlik software. We offer courses for all types of branches and all levels of prior knowledge.

No promises but proof of concept using your data in a live-environment

We call it a SIB which stands for seeing is believing. It is a workshop in which we demonstrate how easy your data can be connected with QlikView or Qlik Sense and how fast the first reports can be build. This workshop shows you what business intelligence can do for your company.


As a company that takes social responsibility serious, we invest and support social engagement within and outside of our company. Further information can be found here.