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Train to become an IT specialist

Application development or systems integration

We provide the training!

Have AKQUINET's IT experts train you as an IT professional in application development or systems integration. Become a part of a young and dynamic team in the world of IT and secure yourself an excellent grounding for the job market. Take a look at our job advertisements and start a career with us right now!

IT specialist - Application development

IT specialists focussed on application development plan and create software applications or adapt already existing software to new requirements. They are also responsible for testing systems and ensuring that the devices and programmes work perfectly. Should any bugs be found, IT specialists are able to rectify them.

With the expertise gained from your training, you become the users' go-to person for all IT questions.

IT specialist - Systems integration

IT specialists focussed on systems integration develop both hardware and software. They install multi-user and mainframe systems and build up large information and communications systems. When the users have any problems, the IT specialists offer their services. They also explain any newly developed systems and answer any questions relating to electronic data processing.

IT specialists focussed on systems integration typically work in connection with data centres, networks, client and server systems, fixed line networks or wireless networks.

What awaits you:

  • In addition to a continual growth philosophy and strategy, you will find at akquinet an open working environment with a focus on employees and the team.
  • Commitment and dedication are acknowledged and rewarded. At akquinet you can fully realise your potential!

Are you interested or do you have any other questions?

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Sonja Glaue

Sonja Glaue
Phone: +49 40 88173 2137

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AKQUINET has more than 10 years experience in apprenticeships and we are working everyday to create a perfect professional integration.


AKQUINETs empoloyees estimate AKQUINET as employer. Therefore, we got the certificate top company from kununu.