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Agile methodology

Achieving great things in small steps

How do you manage your requirements? How do your teams communicate? Is the software that has been developed what you envisaged?

Agile methodology, e.g. based on Scrum or Kanban is all the rage today. However, many clients are initially uncertain which methods and elements suit their needs well.

This is precisely where we can help: we are pragmatists and will support your teams step-by-step in the areas that require attention. Agility helps us to do that.

Our aim is clear: optimization of your development processes and thus software that more precisely meets your needs!

We will assist you in this both technically and methodologically. Technically, for instance, with the introduction of appropriate tools, such as Jira or Confluence. Methodologically with assistance as a Scrum coach or through systematic retrospectives.

  • Established requirements management
  • Agile approach with clear structures
  • Provision of infrastructure
  • Transfer of knowledge and communication skills


We teach our experience from numerous successful Java projects in our training sessions, workshops and keynote speeches.

Olaf Lange

Olaf Lange
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