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Accounting Interfaces for CargoWise One

We enable you to transmit accounting data between CargoWise One and your external accounting system by our products CargoWise2Accounting und Payments2CargoWise.

Both products can be purchased and used separately. Combining both products enables an extensive data transmission between those systems.


Transmission of accounting transactions from CargoWise One to your external accounting system


Import of payment statuses from your accounting system to CargoWise One


With CargoWise2Accounting, your transactions are extracted from CargoWise One and then imported into your accounting system. New transactions are retrieved from the CargoWise One Web Service and converted into an output format that can be imported into your accounting system (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Sage, DATEV, etc.).

Your advantages:

  • Automatic and manual data transmission possible
  • Efficient and effective synchronisation between CargoWise One and your accounting system
  • Double entry of incoming and outgoing invoices will be eliminated by automatic data retrieval
  • You avoid inconsistent data between the two systems

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Do you need to have payment status updates related to invoices and credit notes (A/R and A/P) also in CargoWise One?

Payments2CargoWise enables you to synchronize payment statuses between your accounting system and CargoWise One.

Your external accounting system provides a report of incoming and outgoing payments in a standardized CSV format. Payments2CargoWise processes the data received from your accounting system and transmits relevant payment information via Accounting Web Service to CargoWise One. One data export and a few clicks enable to update accounting transactions in bulk with relevant payment information.

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Olaf Zöftig

Olaf Zöftig
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