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TOPS - the terminal operations and foundation system - a proven solution for the container handling industry.

TOPS is the solution for the container terminal industry that delivers a solution for container terminals of every size. In general TOPS has two modules:

1. The real-time graphical planning and operations system TOPX supporting the full planning and execution process. It supplies real-time planning and monitoring features supporting the operations departments with forecasting and trouble shooting. In real-time TOPX it controls the equipment and optimizes the equipment paths and travelling. The TOPX architecture has especially been build to serve the purpose of real-time information using the latest technology. It is build for a SUN Solaris platform that can be sized for every terminal and is very scalable to serve the future growth.

2. The foundation system (TOPO) is the module dealing with all data related processes and communications. TOPO handles the full EDI (mostly EDIFACT) traffic and is the gateway to the outside world. Furthermore it supplies the full range of data administration and data entry possibilities needed at a container terminal – from schedule to container to master data.. It can supply the terminal with standard or custom build reports based on the database. TOPO is built as a smart client application communicating via an server with the database (e.g. Oracle). This architecture makes individual client installations superfluous.

TOPS has a various number of interfaces build in to communicate with the outside world or other systems:

  • EDI as EDIFACT or custom formats
  • Reporting in many formats (PDF, CSV, HTML, etc.)
  • DGPS interface to the equipment
  • Interfaces for gate system to automate gate procedures
  • Interface to automation systems for automated container handling on the terminal
  • etc.

All these interface enables RBS and the terminal to integrate TOPS into the IT structure of the terminal. Herewith it is as well possible to only choose one of the TOPS modules and integrate it via an standard interface into the terminal.

Beside the TOPS product RBS and RBS EMEA delivers the full range of consulting service that comes with an TOS project. We support the terminal through the whole project life cycle as project management and business or IT experts – from the GAP and process analysis to the implementation and go-live phase of a project. Our standard project approach enables us to deliver a project setup for a green-field terminal as well as for a TOS replacement project. Throughout the whole project we can always fall back on the capabilities, skills and resources of the whole akquinet group:

  • Project Management
  • Process Analysis and Design
  • IT-Consulting
  • Quality Management with test management and support
  • Go-Live planning and support

We tailor our services to the needs of our customer in order to deliver the best product for container terminals with the best service on the market.

Interview about TOPS Expert

Who/What is RBS Emea

RBS EMEA is a 100% subsidery of the akquinet business consulting GmbH and is the local office of the RBS group (Real Time Business Solutions Pty. Ltd. in Sydney) in Europe. We are responsible for the area of Europe, Middles East, Africa and India and dealing with all issues for RBS on this market.

TOPS is currently implemented in over 24 terminals worldwide. We are serving customers from small terminals up to terminals handling over 3.000.000 TEU with a an average productivity of up to 45 moves per hour.

Contact person

Norbert Klettner

Norbert Klettner
E-mail: knowhow(at)
Phone: +49 40 88 173-1731

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