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SAP Hosting

Administration of your SAP systems

In our modern, high-performance data centres, we operate SAP systems on an outsourcing basis for international large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized companies.

Our services provide you with numerous benefits. Forgoing the acquisition and operation of your own systems represents an enormous cost saving.

Investments in hardware and software, maintenance and updates, and for qualified personnel and training accounts would not be required. We assume responsibility for all security measures from data security to fire protection.

Seasoned experts monitor and manage your systems 24/7. They ensure that the availability of your applications is stable, of high-performance and secure. Application areas include:

  • SAP Basis Support and my SAP
  • Microsoft Dynamics (Navision and Axapta)
  • IBM ZOS, OS/400, MS OS, Unix and derivatives (e.g. Linux)
  • Citrix Terminal Services
  • archiving and document management
  • Output management, printing and postal services

Security infrastructure

Our data centres are equipped with the latest security infrastructure:

  • Emergency power supply (redundantly)
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Air conditioning
  • separate fire protection zones
  • Fire alarm system with early fire detection system
  • Fire extinguishing system (each fire zone individually extinguishable)
  • Security guards 24x7
  • Intrusion protection / detection system
  • Access control system
  • Multi-level data outsourcing
  • redundant telephony connections via different providers
  • Multi-level and redundant network access security features (firewalls)
  • Camera surveillance of the building exterior and access areas to the network and server rooms

In order to ensure smooth operation and high quality, our experts will work in line with standardized operating procedures from our quality management system.


Thomas  Muszal

Thomas Muszal
E-mail: knowhow(at)
Phone: +49 40 88 173-0

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