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jeweler software

LS Retail jeweler software

Vertical solution for jewelry and watches

Customers looking to buy a watch or jewelry value expert advice and service. A personal and committed sales pitch is particularly important. It's good to know you can take the time to provide this. The aim of our industry-specific IT solution is to support you in your core tasks. The software provides you with the tools to advise the customer in a relaxed and professional way with the right focus.

Obtain comprehensive support: From an industry-specific solution that offers efficiency from store and merchandise management through to financial accounting. Both the sales and the purchasing side are integrated.

As an IT partner to national and regional companies, we help you to manage your business more efficiently and with greater cost awareness and customer focus. The vertical solution we offer is fully tried-and-tested and up and running at customers site. Within akquinet we have industry specialists work hand-in-hand with experienced software developers and certified system engineers.

Jeweler Software - Everything that the sales side needs picture

Everything that the sales side needs

  • Always know what's in stock, and where
  • Qickly find what you are looking for
  • Monitor internal and external repairs
  • Helpful identification
  • Tour guide commission calculation

Jeweler Software - Everything that the sales side needs picture

Everything to make purchasing easier

  • Detailed recording of budget and order proposal
  • Real time overview of purchase orders
  • Product variations recorded
  • Smart address evaluation
  • Helpful address verification
  • and much more

Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and LS Retail NAV

The user-friendly implementation of functions reduces your handling effort to a minimum.

  • Easy to use
  • Practical advantages
  • Put to the test around the world


Dirk Luhmann

Dirk Luhmann
Phone: +49 431 7170-146