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What customers say about the SAST GRC Suite

With well over 2,000 installations, the SAST GRC Suite for SAP (System Audit and Security Toolkit) provides protection for valuable SAP company data. Baerlocher GmbH from Munich uses the solution to secure their SAP systems.


SAP  Security 

Baerlocher chooses SAP® business software to control its required business processes. "However, the standard software does not provide suitable audit and report functions for a whole range of different audit and risk topics. As a result, we associated the creation of reports and audits with a huge amount of effort and expense," explains Maria Mayer-Schefe, who is responsible for SAP® at Baerlocher. "With that in mind, we looked around for a suitable add-on solution that met all of our requirements and was simple to operate and quick to integrate."

During its search, Baerlocher came across the SAST GRC Suite. Thanks to its modular design and the fact that the solution is fully integrated into SAP, the suite can pinpoint exactly where there is a risk of weak points and knows exactly how to combat them.

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The full story about Baerlocher GmbH and its use of the SAST GRC Suite.

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