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Maintenance in the era of Industry 4.0

akquinet develops solution for just-in-time plant maintenance - Machines fitted with sensors automatically report wear or breakdowns - Repair and maintenance costs come down


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Hamburg, 18 August 2013. akquinet AG has developed a new software solution for just-in-time services (JITS) designed for the intelligent upkeep of machines. It analyses large volumes of data from sensors inside the machines and automatically sends out corresponding maintenance messages. The deployment of service technicians can thus be more efficiently planned and the number of times they are sent out reduced. Plant and machinery manufacturers and their customers benefit from the application by saving time and money on servicing and by experiencing less machine downtime.

Efficient maintenance and upkeep play a central role in minimising the time that plant, machinery and vehicles are out of use. Using this JITS software solution sensors immediately detect any machine defects or wear. The system then evaluates this information and sends a message to the servicing team. The JITS system can be used all over the world via central control and remote diagnosis. One provider of intra-logistics systems is already using the solution, which is suitable for complex machinery, such as construction machines, trucks and wind turbines. The system's immediate and informative messages enable more effective route planning for maintenance crews, reduce incorrect diagnoses and can also ensure that repairs are carried out before any damage is done. "In order to open up the servicing business to smaller machine manufacturers as well, we're putting the JITS system up in the cloud," says Martin Weber, Managing Director at akquinet. In addition, the platform being used by akquinet for the new solution is IBM's scaleable PureApplication system, which was developed specifically for transaction-oriented Web and database applications. Customers can use JITS on an as-needed basis, dependent upon maintenance cycles or peaks in data volume. Thus the cloud-based solution offers businesses both protection for their investments and the ability to plan ahead.

About the akquinet AG

akquinet AG is an international IT consultancy firm based in Hamburg. The company employs over 400 specialists with extensive knowledge of pioneering technologies. akquinet's goal is to optimise business processes through the use and integration of standard and custom software. The company specialises in the implementation of ERP systems and the bespoke development of Java, SAP and Microsoft software solutions. Offering certified solutions, akquinet has many years of expertise in many branches of industry, in particular in the welfare and logistics sectors.

akquinet operates its outsourcing data centres in Hamburg and Itzehoe as integration hubs. The company runs multi-site projects via local premises in Germany, Poland, Austria and Belgium. Through the firm's involvement in Partner Power, Microsoft Dynamic's largest international partner network, akquinet carries out international ERP implementations using a standardised method.

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