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Looking back: Security Roundtable in Dortmund on January 14, 2016

On January 14, 2016, it was time. The first event in our new series of events took place.


SAP  Security  Events 

Conceived as a casual evening event, an informal gathering without suit and tie, customers from the greater Dortmund area were invited to communicate and have exchanges with akquinet experts on the topic “How can I shut down an SAP® system without an SAP® user and password?”

At first, during the casual round of introductions, the participants who had come to the event could not believe that this was going to be our topic. However, our colleague Andreas Leisegang managed to convince them in fewer than 20 minutes that this is possible if the wrong settings are made in SAP® Basis. After that, an exciting and lively discussion about the topic of SAP® security took place. The contributions people made broadened to include more general security topics, such as network security, certification according to ISO 27001, and many others. All of the participants could contribute based on their own experiences and interact with the thoughts of the others. After four hours, the exchange of ideas petered out, and people began to leave due to the beginning snowfall. The first round of feedback arrived immediately. All participants spoke unconditionally in favor of continuing these events. We will gladly comply with their wishes as a matter of course. Within this circle, we have already developed a long list of possible topics together.

The next event will be held on April14, 2016, and its topic will address security for SAP® HANA or SAP® MOBILITY. We would be happy to see many other participants at our akquinet Security Roundtable.

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