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What risk analysis and penetration tests accomplish

The online magazine Security Insider recently published an interesting report on the subject of risk analyses and penetration tests. Learn how akquinet consultant Axel Daldorf assesses the value of risk analyses and penetration tests.


SAP  Security 

"Penetration tests and risk analyses are invaluable for a company. They help recognize issues preemptively and protect the system concerned from threats from both the outside and the inside in the future. The entire IT infrastructure of a company can profit from this process of hardening. Not only is data protected, but also the values created by a company are protected from access by unauthorized third parties. This sort of audit must be repeated continually because these kinds of attack patterns also continue to develop, of course, and learn to circumvent existing checks or protective mechanisms. These penetration tests belong to the repertory of each system administrator, and they should be used continually during risk analysis. 100% protection is not possible, but security that is lived and used provides a good feeling."

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