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akquinet organises first Workflow Productivity Workshop together with ViAGO

ViAGO is committed to the topic of increasing productivity and works very sustainably on this. Together with ViAGO akquinet has organised the first Workflow Productivity Workshop held in Hamburg, Germany.


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At the end of 2015 akquinet has organised the first "Workflow Productivity Workshop" held in Hamburg, Germany. Trainers and consultants Peter Cronin and Benjamin Gorringe from the Management Consulting company ViAGO International Ltd. have conveyed the basis of the "Theory of Constraints" by a very down-to-earth approach of small bits of theory modules and hands-on computer experiments and simulations.

ViAGO is committed to the topic of increasing productivity and works very sustainably on this. The starting point for a changing process is always a cause and effect analysis. The solution follows same as the analysis a structured and determined method, based on the "Theory of Constraints", which enables to reliably find the critical path of a business process, to elevate the capacity on this path and to set optimal conditions to ensure better end-to-end throughput of the whole process.

The workshop aimed at creating a solid understanding of the reason why the method is so effective. This was done by explaining the "Theory of Constraints" and conducting several computer experiments related to a realistic process flow scenario. All participants - all with strong relation to the logistics industry - worked in pairs through the experiments and experienced the surprising effects.

By further workshops, pilot scenarios and integration into WiseTech Global’s logistics application " CargoWise One " there is a road map for increase of productivity in the logistics industry predefined.

The participant Moritz Vogt, Manager Information Systems from freight forwarder O.T.S. Astracon, stated: "The workshop was phenomenal, yet tough as it was two days packed with lots of info."

akquinet is prepared to support their clients both from the transport and logistics industry and from other industries on their way to increase productivity. The under laying method is applicable both for service and production processes.

Please visit our website about our logistics solutions to get further informations.

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