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Live hacking of SAP® systems, 2015

Hackers are taking more and more interest in SAP® systems. And the threat often comes from the inside.


SAP  Security 

The practical experience from our audits shows: Many SAP® systems are unprotected after installation.

In 95% of customer systems, at least one security gap can be used to gain system access or exploit existing privileges.

At this year's it-sa in Nuremberg, our security expert Ralf Kempf used different scenarios to demonstrate how easy it is to penetrate third-party SAP® systems.

See for yourself live as we use different hacking scenarios to demonstrate how we can:

  • Quickly take complete control over an SAP® system
  • Install Trojans and backdoors with ease
  • Carry out attacks to change security-related data and gain access
  • Capture third-party passwords and access third-party user accounts
  • Intercept the SAP® network traffic easily

We know where and how to find security gaps, but much more importantly, we know how to close these gaps. And we are happy to help you make your SAP® systems secure. Just contact us!

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