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TOC Europe 2019: Simulation, emulation, and training with CHESSCON

IT service provider akquinet at booth E98 and giving presentation at TECH TOC

Rotterdam/Bremerhaven/Hamburg. At TOC Europe 2019 in Rotterdam (the Netherlands), the IT consulting firm akquinet is presenting its services for container terminals and its CHESSCON industry solution.


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How can I plan a new terminal? What is the best way to cover a crane breakdown or maintenance break? How much does pooling really improve my operational planning? The CHESSCON industry solution provides answers to these and similar questions. "Our CHESSCON product family consists of six modules and provides ultramodern optimization software for terminals and ports," says Norbert Klettner, Managing Director at akquinet. "It is the ideal complement for a TOS with regard to planning, optimization, and training." The German optimization company is presenting its products and services at booth E98 at TOC Europe 2019.

The ISL Applications GmbH, which developed and sold the CHESSCON solution for many years already, was integrated in the akquinet Group as an maritime and port industry focus in late 2018, and formed the company akquinet port consulting GmbH. Prof. Dr. Holger Schütt and Norbert Klettner are the company's managing directors.

Prof. Dr. Holger Schütt will speak at the "TECH TOC" conference on June 18, from noon to 1:30 p.m., on the topic "Analyze the future - Get more out of your machines by forecasting and optimizing the future operation as well as by predictive maintenance:" He will show how new technologies and innovative concepts can help high-traffic terminals with many parallel processes to improve their operations and make decisions on a sound basis. Instead of investing in expensive equipment, capacity can also be increased by utilizing the available equipment more effectively.

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