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New customer in the S/4HANA environment

The SAST team is pleased to report that it has landed a new, greenfield project to develop a design for roles and authorizations for S/4HANA.


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As the worldwide S/4HANA rollout presses forward, an increasing number of companies are faced with big challenges. In some cases, thousands of users are affected and the migration can last several years.

This is because migrating to S/4HANA means a new design or full redesign of all authorizations: Rolling out S/4HANA means simplifying processes, making some transactions obsolete and introducing new ones. In addition to the back-end authorizations, front-end authorizations must be put in place to operate Fiori. In SAST SUITE, we offer a holistic solution that includes risk analyses, SoD-free role creation, audit-compliant role templates and a framework of S/4HANA rules.

At a live webinar on August 28, 2018, our experts will explain how you can secure your first steps into the future of SAP. Register now!

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