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akquinet awarded international date centre prize

akquinet wins award in New DataCentre of the Year category – New data centres in Hamburg and Norderstedt particularly energy efficient, secure and expandable.


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At the sixth International DataCentre and Cloud Awards in London akquinet took first prize for the best new data centre of the year. The centres recognised by the award were the two data centres in Hamburg and Norderstedt. Earlier this year, akquinet was also awarded the German Data Centre Prize for the new buildings" energy efficiency.

Thomas Tauer, Chief Executive of akquinet, was presented with the first prize in the "Best New Data Centre of the Year" category at the "6th International DataCentre and Cloud Awards" ceremony in London on 13th June. The prize is awarded to a business with a new building that has been developed and built in an especially innovative way, with an awareness of its environmental impact and a holistic approach, such that it can meet not only the requirements of today but those of the future as well. The award recognised the qualities of two data centres in Hamburg and Norderstedt, which are just in the process of being completed. "Our data centres' energy efficiency is at an extremely high level, not least because we utilise the heat that gets produced for the facilities on the floor above," explained Thomas Tauer. The data centres also have a particularly high and expandable data processing capacity and provide top standard security. Back in April, akquinet also received first prize in the German Data Centre Awards in the "Energy- and Resource-efficient Large Data Centre" category. At both data centres akquinet operates IT systems on an outsourced basis for both large organisations and SME clients.

In a total of 13 categories the International DataCentre and Cloud Awards also recognised the best cloud and managed services solutions, data centre modernisation projects and the sector’s best entrepreneurs and managers. A total of 21 companies had submitted entries in the '"Best New Data Centre of the Year" category.

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