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Automatically check SAP® business transactions

We are rounding out our offerings and are using sapliance to check the compliance and efficiency of your actual SAP® business transactions.


SAP  Security 

By doing so, we are extending our portfolio to include the areas of SAP® process mining and SAP® business process checks.

The topic of compliance is becoming more and more important worldwide. We have been leaders in the field for a long time with our award-winning SAST GRC Suite, and we protect your SAP® system landscape holistically. We check not only the entire infrastructure level but also the SAP® system parameters using our Security and Compliance Check, for example. In addition, critical module settings and SAP® authorizations are investigated to see if they have issues and segregation of duties conflicts.

To round everything out, we have been working together lately with the company sapliance GmbH, which is a start-up company founded with the help of of Hamburg University and NORDAKADEMIE. sapliance is a software for auditors and controllers. The sapliance audit procedure combines the process transparency and process visualization of process mining with the content questions of auditors and controllers.

Prof. Dr. Nick Gehrke (NORDAKADEMIE) explains the specialist know-how that is behind sapliance:

"sapliance stands for the automated auditing of SAP® processes. sapliance is unique in that it checks the actual SAP® business transactions completely with regards to their compliance and efficiency. We have automated the data analysis to such an extent that auditors can devote their efforts to checking business processes that are particularly conspicuous. The resulting process visualization also helps the departments understand the actual processes."

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