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Supply Chain Management

8 reasaons why transport and logistics companies work with us

1. We know how the Supply Chain works: We have got our knowledge about the transport and logistics industry from practical experience, our consultants are educated forwarders and logistic experts with solid understanding of business processes, information technology and project management.
2. We think the way the business processes of our client require: Our evaluation of solving the task always start with the requirements of the clients of our clients - process optimization and technology must always support the business needs.
3. We integrate solutions: We master the heterogeneous environments and pre-requisites of our clients. Both technical interfaces, data interchange and process integration between our clients and their partners is part of our service.
4. We support our client's projects: Starting with strategy and application architecture and ending with operational go-live we support the SCM projects of clients.
5. We provide solutions - fast and reliable: We master a comprehensive standard software suite for the global transport and logistics industry, which can be adopted to individual needs to a wide degree: We are certified WiseService Partner and we can implement this advanced solution fast and reliably.
6. We deliver operational support for our clients: If needed we take over operational task to run the solutions we create with our clients including training, support and operations. This way the clients can build-up knowledge and routine. We stay close.
7. We have a strong professional network and many experts in the group: akquinet group provides a professional environment of many skills and capabilities covering the whole IT and process consulting stack including data centre, software development, IT security and auditing.
8. We think and live innovation as core strategy: The future of supply chain management and the progress concerning business processes of our clients is today's topic on our agenda.

Our Supply Chain Knowledge

We support our clients in following areas

  • Management, innovation and strategy sparring
  • Business process optimization, increase of productivity
  • Optimization of technical processes – Standardization and Automation
  • Application architecture, IT-strategy
  • Analysis of system requirements and analytical selection processes
  • Project management
  • Process and system integration
  • User rights management and data safety and protection
  • Best sourcing and outsourcing


Olaf Zöftig

Olaf Zöftig
E-mail: knowhow(at)
Phone: +49 40 88173-0