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Social engagement for us is not just a social obligation but also a personal desire to support local organizations. This is why, for the last couple of years we supported a local wheelchair basketball team in Jena, Germany where our office is located. The wheelchair bound basketball team goes by the name of “Caputs” and successfully compete in the national basketball league for the physically handicapped.

A team with which an enduring friendship has been established and very gripping games have given us the opportunity to enjoy a company-team-trip.

The Jena Caputs offer everyone the opportunity to join the team, which has led to a second team and a junior team. These developments are good for the sport and encourage us to keep supporting the team.

What the Caputs stand for:

  • Socially inclusive and enticing wheelchair basketball
  • The opportunity for everyone to train with the Caputs
  • Work with young disabled and non-disabled children in one team
  • Events and friendlies for everyone

Aqkuinet is honoured to support such a fine team and thankful for the following words of endearment:

"We the Jena Caputs wish to thank you for the engagement and the support you have shown us during the last seasons.

We hope that, with our accomplishments we continue to offer enjoyment and show that your engagement is well placed"

Contact person

Michael Walther

Michael Walther
E-mail: michael.walther(at)
Phone: +49 40 88 173-2617