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SAP® Mobile Platform

A middleware solution to satisfy a mobile strategy's every demand!

With the SAP® Mobile Platform you have a middleware solution to meet every requirement of your mobile strategy.

Do you need the performance of a native app for your company application or is it a platform-independent, inexpensive Web app that you require? SAP® Mobile Platform 3.0 gives you a free choice of the form of app.

SAP® Mobile Platform is an 'open platform'. It supports various different programming standards used by many developers in the marketplace.

Application development

  • iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows


  • ERP integration and connection management
  • Database and business app
  • Manufacturer-independent device management
  • Version control via applications on the device
  • Data security through encrypted storage and transmission
  • Database on mobile device for offline capability
  • Data synchronisation in real time through push function
  • Logging and reporting

SAP® Mobile Platform 3.0:

  • Lowers your development and running costs
  • Enables you to manage complex mobile landscapes
  • Guarantees security and compliance at your company
  • Future-proofs your apps

Please do contact us if you have any further questions about mobile strategies! We’d be happy to help.

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