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SAP® Interface Analysis

Analysis and protection of SAP® system interfaces

SAP® interfaces are often not considered when SAP® systems are protected. Therefore, they are unprotected and attractive targets for hackers.

Experience from our numerous SAP® security audits and penetration tests for SAP® systems shows repeatedly that, in almost every SAP® system checked, unprotected interfaces exist that could allow attackers direct access to your SAP® systems.

Using the SAST Interface Analyzer, you can find out exactly what these weak points of your SAP® interfaces are and address them.

Advantages of our SAP® interface analysis

  • Central point of control
  • Complete Cross-system evaluation and
  • Creating an overview of your cross-system interfaces as a graphics or an ALV output

Benefits of our SAP® interface analysis

  • Analysis of inbound and outbound RFC connections
  • Analysis of inbound and outbound HTTP connections
  • Analysis of database connections
  • Analysis of trust relationships
  • Evaluation of system traces
  • Generation of corresponding RFC roles at your fingertips

If you also want to check and secure your SAP® interfaces and combat security risks, feel free to contact us.


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