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Emergency Access Management for your SAP-systems

Manage emergency users and privileged hits with our SAST AdminTrack

Would you like to enable your administrators and users to work without extended authorization or SAP_ALL for normal operations? Use the functions of SAST AdminTracks to fully monitor privileged users - such as emergency users - and their access to your SAP® system.

This way, when administrators and users are in a support situation, they only have to click to activate an emergency ID, which they can use after describing their planned course of action.
During the support session, all activity of the emergency user is gathered in a detailed, revision-proof report and placed at the disposal of an auditor, who will be informed online or by mail.

SAST also provides you with an automatic function that registers all activity of a given user ID, such as in SAP®, Earlywatch, or DDIC, and keeps a log of all reports and transactions used. Full adherence to the audit stipulations is thus ensured.


  • Definition of emergency users and associated auditors
  • Single sign-on for emergency users
  • integrated approval and logging off process
  • Real-time checking of all privileged access
  • detailed logging of all used transactions, reports, function separation violations, access to sensitive functions and data and changed document or system settings
  • mail notifications to auditors

Many companies rely on the SAST security solutions - please ask for further information and our references!

Info material

Flyer SAST AdminTrack

SAST AdminTrack add-on module

Log of read accesses to SAP® HCM data

Would you also like to make a log of read accesses to SAP® HCM data and verify these in detail? akquinet is the first SAP®-certified consultancy partner to offer a reliable solution with SAST AT HCM DisplayTrack.

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