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Business process consultancy

Business process consultancy, plus organisational, process and IT optimisation

Through our clients and our own corporate structure we have our finger constantly on the pulse of what is feasible in terms of business management organisation.

On the technical side, we have many years of experience in core technological areas, as well as in standard software, bespoke development and outsourcing. What we bring to the table is a philosophy geared to limiting risks in the management of company improvement, excellent skills in devising business practices and the relevant professional know-how. We take our lead from our client's needs and provide them with procedures specifically tailored to these for identifying, defining and implementing steps to achieve the desired improvement.

Our consultancy work is based on a close working relationship and is aimed at clients that do not expect to be presented with a finished specification for processes etc, but who want to see themselves involved in the process or finding and shaping methods of improvement.


Olaf Zöftig

Olaf Zöftig
E-mail: olaf.zoeftig(at)
Phone: +49 40 88173-0