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SAP® Security Services

Managed SAP® Security Services for users and IT providers

Concentrate on your core business

One of the greatest challenges facing customers is how to build up and deploy not only the necessary specialist knowledge but also an infrastructure for detecting and eliminating weak points.

The proactive management of critical IT infrastructures requires efficient tools and specialist knowledge – sometimes, the two are not available. A higher cost pressure in the IT department means in-house expertise cannot be established cost-effectively and security monitoring solutions are not run within the company.

Security is simply a good feeling

The akquinet Managed SAP® Security Services close the gap between established configurations/checks and the ongoing checking of and improvement to SAP® security settings.

We offer you complete SAP® security services that effectively protect your company and your IT infrastructure against unauthorized access from within and outside – both in our data centers and directly on your premises.

SAP® Security Starter packages

SAP® Security and Compliance Check

Our security and compliance checks for your SAP systems cover with approximately 3000 tests all areas of your IT-landscape.

SAP® Security Check and Solution Manager

While testing all relevant components, the SAP settings and the user permissions are investigated.

SAP® System: Analysis, Hardening and Optimization

  • Operating systems and databases
  • SAP® network components
  • SAP® gateway
  • SAP® web applications
  • SAP® RFC
  • ABAP source code

SAP® System: Setup of SAP® Security Components

  • Network encryption (SNC)
  • Single sign-on (SSO)

SAP® System: Authorizations

  • Protection of sensitive data against unauthorized access and forwarding
  • Optimization and redesign of existing SAP® authorization concepts

Supplementary packages


  • Remote
    • Configuration Monitoring
    • SAP® Security Patch Advisory Service

Users and Authorizations

  • Remote SAP® authorization monitoring
  • Remote administration of SAP® users and roles


  • SAP® Process Audit Services (IT)
  • Creation of IT concepts, guidelines and instructions
  • Assignment of external data protection officers

Your advantages of our SAP® Security Services

  • Permanent and economical operation of the security infrastructure by experts
  • Prompt reaction when identifying weak points and attacks
  • Conservation of company resources
  • State-of-the-art protection for your SAP® systems
  • High quality thanks to experienced experts and sophisticated tools
  • Cost-saving operation of security infrastructure by a partner
  • You can focus on your core competences

Information material about our SAP® Security Services

Please see our Managed SAP® Security Services flyer for further information.


Numerous companies trust in our SAST security solutions - please contact us for further information and our references.


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